℘ State Institutions and Authorities invited to participate in collateral events such as B2B&B2Gs with the twin-aim to observe valuable products and systems do the national security system and to deliver necessary information to the participants on public subjects "think tanks" etc;

℘ Key buyers, Albanian companies interested on international technologies;

℘ International companies seeking for new expansions in the market;

℘ State Delegations, Civil Society Institutions, United Nations Organizations overseeing peace and global welfare (UN, IOM, OSCE).

℘ National and International Media, specialized press, (i.e. Commando Magazine, Army Recognition).

℘ Business Ateliers-B2B Meetings:
- Identification of Albanian counterparts and institutions, upon request and based on the intents expressed by the company; carried out in 3 days;
- Preparation of Company's technical cards (including the Albanian translation of the material) for each participating company to be distributed to the Albanian counterpart, via email and / or direct contact;
- Preparation and confirmation of the Meeting Agenda with customized schedules;
- Organization of a round table with at least one responsible/decision-making institution, Albanian state authorities of the sector and a responsible representative for foreign investments in Albania;
- Supply general information and brief information on the sector of interest in Albania;
- Coffee break;