ALMEX will be the platform that on 360 degrees focuses on the latest technologies, provides abundant information and intelligent solutions for the defense and security issues. ALMEX enables the exhibiting companies to safely "anchor" close to the target audiences; exhibitors crown their participation not only by achieving new contacts that are later transformed into end users, but also with real trade partnerships and valid in all the other chains of production and distribution of the products and services showcased.

Special feature of this edition, unlike the others, would be to bring the citizen on the spotlight: new military officer format related to smart equipment and armaments, bringing public order forces closer to citizens, human resources as associated to technological innovation. Security is displayed in all their forms, throughout the citizens everyday life, as much as the concept of protection becomes perceptible with comprehensible:

  • Border Control and integrated management;
  • Security at schools and public environments;
  • Information and personal data security;
  • Road transport security;
  • Health services security;
  • Personal and private property security;
  • Legislation security;
  • Airport and Harbors security;
  • Fight against terrorism;
  • Peacekeeping and peacemaking missions;