Curios hands-on exhibitions will be another characteristic of ALMEX: including shooting ranges and military tactical areas that will be the natural background for live demonstrations of weapons, vehicles and communications equipment exhibited at ALMEX. Instructive shooting shows military vehicles, communication equipment and fight simulations coupled with other attractions like the Exhibition of Uniforms, and the Arsenal of Trophy Weapons, will welcome not only the professional military and defense industry visitor, but also the civilian population at large in the second edition of ALMEX.

In the first edition of ALMEX, trade visitors and official delegations attended the live and dynamic demonstrations animated by the Albanian Armed Forces and the participating companies in live testing of their products, such as uniforms, technology and communication systems, armaments and communication systems, armaments and armored vehicles, etc; Albanian Navy Forces simulated a Rescuing Operation and Anti-terrorism Fight; Unit of Neutralization of Armed Elements (RENEA) offered a successful simulation of Criminal and Anti-terrorism Fight, and in the Battalion of Special Operations in Zallherr, a spectacular live show of armored vehicles, communication systems, uniforms and armaments was displayed at ALMEX.