℘ Sponsor's Reception: gala meeting with a professional well-known personality of the Security world history, protagonist of Peacemaking Missions, Special Operations worldwide, in Albania or in the Balkan Region.

℘ Brief and frequent seminars and workshops with tangible subjects in the country such as: public order forces, personal data protection, integrated boarder control; road security, ports and airports boarder control systems, production and personalization of the ID documents.

℘ Guided-Tours in the Military Academies and Shooting Ranges, like concrete demonstrations of showcased products.

℘ Detailed Program with Live Demonstrations of the Order Forces utilizing the tools and equipment exhibited at the Fair by local and international companies: demonstration of armaments; uniforms; tools and equipment for self defense; vehicles and anti-riot means; simulations for the fight against terror, trafficking and organized crime. Demonstrations are expected to take place in the designated shooting-ranges.