Even for companies and organizations that chose the indirect participation as guests, ALMEX will be equally valid and effective, providing both for the hosts and guests communication and interaction spaces. Get ready for networking with the following exhibitors:

  • Representatives of Regional Governments;
  • Military Delegations of Defence and Security;
  • Personalities of national defense;
  • Law enforcement professionals
  • Security consultants
  • Top managers of defense and security industry
  • Entrepreneurs, traders and distributors, etc.

Interconnection with colleagues and partners and the relevant information provided in due time, prove that you have achieved the desired goals out of the participation at ALMEX 2015. ALMEX will provide joint networking and free of charge coffee break spaces, where exhibitors can make contacts and receive valuable information from the scheduled presentations of different personalities and representatives of the Defence and Security structures in Albania and in the region. For the first time, at the end of the event, will be hosted a Luncheon in the honor of a military personality that has given a precious contribution for the stability and coexistence in the history of the Balkans.