ALMEX - Albanian Military Exhibition was born as "Albania in NATO" passport, whilst the country itself was rapidly involved in Euro-Atlantic cooperation and integration synergies as a new speaking voice in the International Security and Defense circles. Today, ALMEX continues to be a virtual documentation of a long process of improving and upgrading the defense and security structures in the country, social and political reforfs that clearly reflect the perseverance to look further up to the EU integration.
While NATO membership is consolidated by one mission to another, the requirements of the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Albania are shaped in the light of the criteria for reformation and standardization, at a time when the spectrum of actions, tasks and commitments undertaken by these institutions are inseparable from the global mindset and vision.
ALMEX 2015, among other things, will be introduced as a unique opportunity to look closer to the reality and progressive development of a NATO member country, which is moving closer to European Community, a country with positive willpower to achieve perfection by growth, as an example for the close neighbors with which, based on common values ​​and integration interest, jointly contributes to the Europeanization of the Western Balkans.