Albanian Security, Law Enforcement & Counter-Terror Expo
23-26 November, 2017 / Palace of Congress
Security, Law Enforcement & Counter-Terror Expo is the Event is being designed as a comprehensive marketing tool for both national and international institutions and companies operating in the field of security and Law enforcement, to explore the market and activities closely related with security, and on the other hand, to empower them with valid information on the up-to-date technologies, macroeconomic and legislative security news, and on the other hand for empowering them with valuable information on the latest news, the latest macro-economic and legislative matching with technological innovation (the impact on the market of the Law on weapons, regulating the import and export of goods of military and dual-use, licensing private shooting ranges, immigration issues, comprehensive fight against terrorism etc.). Security, Law Enforcement & Counter-Terror Expo is organized with the primary purpose of being an added value to Albania itself, focusing on sectors such as security, who see our country globally concerned. November 23rd to November 26th have been selected for the organization of Security, Law Enforcement & Counter-Terror Expo, as a convenient moment for the Security and policy-making institutions to promote the achieved results and implemented projects, but also the goals and future priorities that will be accomplished by the 4 year period.